Lowongan Kerja Kedubes Amerika Serikat United States Of America Embassy (USA) untuk ditempatkan di Kantor Kedubes/Konsulat Jakarta, Surabaya dan Denpasar - Bali, Lowongan terbaru Periode oktober - November 2011 Job Vacancy. The United States diplomatic mission to Indonesia is headed by the Ambassador of the United States, who is the personal representative of the President. U.S. Foreign Service posts in Indonesia are the U.S. Mission in Jakarta, the Consulate General in Surabaya and the Consular Agent in Bali. The U.S. Mission in Jakarta consists of the Embassy, the United States Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Foreign Agricultural Service, the Office of the Defense Attaché (Army, Navy, and Air attaches), the Military Attaché for Defense Programs, the Naval Medical Research Unit #2 (NAMRU-2), and the Library of Congress. The Ambassador is assisted by the Deputy Chief of Mission in directing and coordinating all Mission activities.

Jakarta FSN
  • Economic Assistant, FSN-9*; FP-5*
  • Administrative Assistant, FSN-7*; FP-7*
  • Commercial Specialist, FSN-10*; FP-5*
  • Shipping Assistant/Chauffeur, FSN-6*; FP-8*
  • Mechanic Carpenter, FSN-4*; FP-AA* FMU/JKT Re-advertised
  • Security Investigator, FSN-10*; FP-5* RSO/JKT
  • Guard Supervisor (Deputy Commander), FSN-6*; FP-8*
  • L-Guards (Patrol), FSN-4*; FP-AA*
  • L-Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*, FP-9*
  • Guard Supervisor (Commander); FSN-8*, FP-6* Re-advertised
  • Cultural Affairs Assistant (Education USA Media Coordinator/Educational Advisor), FSN-8*, FP-6*
  • Guard (Temporary), FSN-3*; FP-BB*
Jakarta USEFM
  • Economic/ESTH Assistant, FP-5
  • Residential Security Coordinator, FP-7
  • RSO-I Investigative Management Assistant, FP-6
  • ESTH/Economic Assistant, FP-5
  • Mail Escort in FPO, FP-AA
  • Security Escort in FMU, FP-9
  • Office Management Assistant, FP-6
  • Electrical Engineer, FP-5
  • Mechanical Engineer, FP-5
  • English Language Instructor, FP-6
  • Human Resources Assistant, FP-7, Part Time
  • Nurse, FP-5 (Part Time or WAE)
  • Roving Administrative Clerk, FP-8 (WAE)
  • CERT Program Coordinator, FP-6
  • Nurse at South Jakarta Health Unit, FP-5
  • Employment Opportunities at USAID Indonesia.
Surabaya/Bali USEFM/FSN
  • Protocol/Administrative Assistant, FSN-8*; FP-6*
  • Security Clerk, FSN-6*; FP-8* RSO/SBY
  • Guard (Sergeant), FSN-5*; FP-9* RSO/SBY
  • Guard Supervisor (Deputy Commander), FSN-6*; FP-8* RSO/SBY
  • Guard, FSN-3*; FP-BB* RSO/SBY
  • Roving Administrative Clerk, FP-8
  • Guard (Patrol), FSN-4*, FP-AA*
  • Guard (Watchman), FSN-2*, FP-CC*
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Submit Application To :

Human Resources Office
Human Resources Officer U.S. Embassy
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 5 Jakarta 10110

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For USAID Position
Submit application to:

c/o U.S. Embassy Jakarta
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 5 Jakarta 10110

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Job details at : Here

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